Hey I'm Melinda Rychlik Clark! 

I'm a social media coach helping entrepreneurial moms build their online business using social media marketing strategies that get results!

Melinda Rychlik Clark

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I'm Melinda Rychlik-Clark, author and CEO. I help momprenuers get into the right success mindset and how to create the proper business foundation and trusted presence online that enables them to build a stronger business. 

I'm passionate about helping women get healthier from the inside out by eating clean and staying physically fit, finding freedom from emotionally & mentally abusive relationships. 

Melinda Rychlik Clark

The Book You Need To Read Today

Everyone has giants in their lives. They usually surface during some of the most inconvenient and unexpected times. Similar to skeletons that mostly try to hide in the closet, the giants will continue to show up until you face them.

Slay Those Giants, Girl gives different accounts of Melinda's life as she made the decision to slay her giants. The circumstances that seemed insurmountable began to unfold into little victories over the years that led to a peaceful life filled with grace.

This book gives hope wherever you may be struggling in your life. Whether you experienced becoming a mother at an early age or are currently in a toxic relationship, Melinda's goal is to help others create healthy boundaries. It wasn't until she faced her giants that she was able to overcome areas of her life that had kept her defeated and depressed for so many years. Although Melinda is not exempt from giants, she makes the decision to confront them every day. It's time to Slay Those Giants, Girl!

"Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone"

Neale Donald Walsch

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